Publish your game on Kickstarter!

CONTEST for board game designers!

Creativemaker publishing company invites all board game authors to cooperate.


Do you have a prototype of a board game just lying in your drawer? Is it just waiting to be revealed to the world? Maybe you’ve created a game already and you play it with your friends and family? Or maybe you’ve been working on a brilliant idea for some time and you wish to share it?

Don’t wait!!!

Contact us and maybe your game will win over Kickstarter – the biggest crowdfunding platform in the world.

What’s required for your game to be published by us?

Send a short video (10 minutes max.) describing your game to the address below. The video should contain a game description (theme, mechanics, number and the age of players), the list of components used, and short introduction to the gameplay. Attach clear instructions or shortened description of the game rules. If you cannot record a video, it would be enough to send us a full description of the game rules. Do not send us the prototype of your game.

Show us the strenghts of your idea in the video! Remeber that at this stage, the game doesn’t have to be pretty but playable. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve used some buttons, handmade pawns, or elements from other games as components. It‘s the idea that matters to us, and aetshetics is just an additional advantage. If we become interested in your video and the game meets our publishing requirements, we’ll contact you and ask to send us the prototype.

Make your dreams about your own board game come true today! Tell us about it in the video (link to YouTube video) you’ve made and send it to

*We’ll respond to each mail in no more than twenty days upon receiving it.


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