The Valley of Alchemists

The Valley of Alchemists
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Welcome to The Valley of Alchemists, a land set in the heart of the mountains, carved by a moving glacier thousands of years ago. Legends have it that in the inside of the passing glacier the most magnificent specimens of ancient life were accumulated, none of which had been seen by a human eye before.

Then, as the Sun melted the massive frozen blocks, it revealed a valley full of miracles and mystical powers. The most gifted alchemists came and settled in the vale where, undisturbed, they could examine the wonderful characteristics of the area’s flora and fauna.

Each year a time of intensive labor comes. For days on end the alchemists work in their shadowy laboratories brewing potions, the merchants visit the vale, and domesticated mystical creatures constantly carry the fruits of hard alchemic art to distant corners of the world.

The Valley of Alchemists is a beautifully illustrated game in which you, dear player, will get the chance to join the ranks of the Valle’s greatest alchemists – surpassed by no one in the known world. It is a  light strategy game sets in fantasy universe (the challenge of the Alchemists), that can be described as a medium weight resource management game, for 2-4 players….giving a lot of fun and satisfaction.

Each player has start the game with the same set of skills that develops freely during the game. During the game, the players collect ingredients, brew potions, and make them into magic elixirs. 


Learn new recipes and persist! Perhaps you will be the one to win the Spring contest and  the title of the best Alchemist in the Valley, for the whole upcoming year.


  • Beautifully illustrated light strategy game
  • Set in fantasy universe (challenge of the Alchemists)
  • Medium weight resource management game
  • Mix of resource management and set collection with a spacial awareness element thrown in
  • High quality resources: more than 180 custom makers, 66 cards, 4 player boards
  • Rules are simple and can be explained within 3 minutes
  • Recommended for people of all ages
  • Adult players will appreciate the necessity to plan their moves and to predict the actions of the opponents
  • Ideal gift for families and gamers, as well



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Game specifications:

Playing time:
45-60 min.

Min-max players:

Suggested age:

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