Galaxy of Trian: New Order

Galaxy of Trian: New Order
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It was written in the Holy Matrix of Creation:  Thou shalt share what has been given to thee…

The new history episode of Galaxy of Trian has already begun…..
Peaceful creatures, the Trian race became the most enlightened civilization in the known galaxy, garnering respect and admiration from all other races. They were ancient pilgrims, spreading knowledge and technology in every corner of the galaxy. And now, deserted and unprotected, the remnants of the Trian civilization stand ready for those willing to take the ancient race’s technology for themselves. The lesser races, which once would never dare trespass into Trian space, begin their slow and dangerous exploration of the Trian’s corner of the galaxy.

Galaxy of Trian: New Order is a tile laying game with a science-fiction theme. Players are commanding unique races and are exploring different parts of the galaxy. Their aim is to take control of a powerful technology which was left behind by the unequaled Trian race. Using the triangular and double-sided tiles, the player will build a galaxy full of nebulae, gas clouds, planets and outer space. They will fight over planetary systems and crystals – resources, which give victory points and which allow players to develop special skills.

The game is a standalone title and contains a further development of ideas from the previous version of Galaxy of Trian.


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 The game contains 3 expansions:
  1. Wealth of the Ancients (more)
  2. Wormholes (more)
  3. Expand the Galaxy (more)

In Galaxy of Trian: New Order you can choose one of eight races. Each race has its own unique skills.

  • Galaxy of Trian: New Order is a game designated for 2 – 4 players above the age of 10. Although, younger players will surely (with the help of their parents) understand the mechanics of the basic variant of the game.
  • From the very beginning we wanted to make a family game with a great deal of decision making and interaction between players, based on simple game rules, which both the beginners and experienced players could enjoy.
  • Recommended for people of all ages.
  • Adult players will appreciate the necessity to plan their moves and to predict the actions of the opponents.
  • Galaxy of Trian: New Order  is ideal for a gift!



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Game specifications:

Playing time:
60 - 90 min.

Min-max players:

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