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 Every two years, an extraordinary moon appears over the Castle of the Summoners.
Today is that night. All castle chambers are filled with its brightness and the magical portals come to life again.  It is a sign.
Young adepts of the art of summoning will enter a new tournament at down.Each portal encloses a distinct magical being. Summoning those creatures is limited only by your imagination and available spells. Magical runes allow you to open further parts of the portals.However, you are not alone. Little castle keepers will be happy to help you and even hamper the attempts of your rivals. Such mischievous little creatures. Summoning correct parts of the portal grants you magic points. The summoner who earns the most magic points becomes the winner.

Alakazoo! is a family board game for 2-4 players based mostly on Set Collection and Pattern Building with additional Card Drafting and Dice Rolling mechanics. To prove their skills in the magic domain players will summon Fantastic Creatures trying to beat their opponents. Are you powerful enough to impress the Magic Jury and reach for the title of Arcanimus?


Every two years, an extraordinary moon appears over the Castle of the Summoners. This night is pretty close! What will happen then? We can't wait for it!

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This wonderful family board game, full of magic and fantastic creatures may come to your tables soon.


In Alakazoo, players take a role of the young adepts of the art of summoning, competing in a magic tournament to gain the title of Arcanimus. To achieve this goal player will:

  • Roll the Spell dice to activate runes on their Portals
  • Collect the Spell cards which represent different body parts of the Fantastic Creatures
  • Or use their Castle Keeper’s powers

All those actions will help the players summon all parts of the Fantastic Creature on their Portal and score the magic points.

But once the work is finished and all the parts of any player’s Portal are gathered, all players will be granted more magic points from the elements of their own summoned Creature.

  • Beautifully illustrated light strategy game
  • Set in the fantasy universe
  • Medium weight resource management game
  • A mix of resource management and set collection with a spacial awareness element thrown in
  • High-quality resources
  • Rules are simple and can be explained within 3 minutes
  • Recommended for people of all ages
  • Adult players will appreciate the necessity to plan their moves and to predict the actions of the opponents
  • Ideal gift for families and gamers, as well


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Game specifications:

Playing time:
40 min

Min-max players:

Suggested age: