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Alakazoo – Kickstarter Late Pledge

You did it!  We hit the 200% of funding goal.

The Valley of Alchemists – Kickstarter Late Pledge

You did it!  We hit the funding goal.

The Valley of Alchemists:
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Every two years, an extraordinary moon appears over the Castle of the Summoners.
Today is that night.

Alakazoo is a family board game for 2-4 players based mostly on Set Collection and Pattern Building with additional Card Drafting and Dice Rolling mechanics.

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The Valley of Alchemists

Welcome to the Valley of Alchemists, a land set in the heart of the mountains, carved by a moving glacier thousands of years ago.

Learn new recipes and persist – perhaps you will be the one to win the Spring contest and with it, the title of the best Alchemist in the Valley for the whole upcoming year.

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